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Aman Tent House

The AMAN tent is square in shape, all 4 sides by canvas can be opened with big door and window. A mesh window that is ventilated and anti-mosquito. The size can be customized according to the requirements. maximum length can be extend to 10M.




Aman Tent House


The AMAN tent is square in shape, all 4 sides by canvas can be opened with big door and window. A mesh window that is ventilated and anti-mosquito. The size can be customized according to the requirements. maximum length can be extend to 10M.

AMAN tents adopt steel tube structure, build with waterproof and breathable cloth. Greatly reduced the cost. Although the price is lower a bit , but this product still inherited the features of the tent hotel series products – elegance, comfortable and relax, best choice to the people who in need of more affordable price.

Framework:42mm steel tube
Roof cover material: 750gsm/m2 PVC knife double coated fabric Flame retardant: DIN4102 B1/M2
Wind load: 70km/H, 0.6KN/m2 Snow load:25kg/m2
Side wall options: tempered hollow glass, sandwich panel, canvas for PVDF membrane
The extra upgrade options : Inner lining & curtain, flooring system(water floor heating/electric), air-condition, shower system, furniture, sewage system.
*Custom-made service


Outdoor waterproof luxury hotel tent resort hotel glamping tent safari tent house

What is hotel tent?

Hotel tent is one kind of creative temporary lodge, which with fast installation to make up for the immovable shortcoming for conventional architecture.

In nowadays architecture, reinforced concrete structure is widely used to ensure its secure and solid, however, isolate the atmosphere from stars and nature. The luxury tent is really modern popular resort building, which enjoy vocation time in wild nature. With its fast & removable construction, more and more people who is willing to spend relaxing time to get closer with wild nature on their vacation.

Humanization in decoration, equipped with couple of ventilation Windows, clear glass sidewall, absorbing the bright sunlight into the bed in the morning. Merge with human and ecological nature. The living room could be equipped with soft mattress, desk, wardrobe and hangers, tea table, chair, sofa, nightstand, bedside lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, mirror, rack and so on high-end furniture set. The bathroom could be equipped with toilet, washing cabinet, bath tub & shower head. Tourist can play a relaxing time at front deck outside the tent.

Hence, hotel tent brings a totally new kind of leisured life experience to people who exhaust their energy in the fast-paced city.

Outdoor waterproof luxury hotel tent resort hotel glamping tent safari tent house



  • No pollution installation:
    Recyclable materials, more eco-friendly.
  • Assembled structures:
    Fast installation, low cost.
  • High safety performance:
    Anti-seismic up to 9 levels, tarpaulin B1 fireproof, flame retardant.
  • Beautiful appearance:
    The tent hotel space is designed to be flexible and adaptable to local conditions and fully enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Comfortable to live:
    A variety of modern facilities, perfect combination of nature and wild.
  • Good investment prospects:
    Composite vacation mode of scenic spots + glamping, new positions in new tourism layouts.
Accessories of Tent House

Package details example of our tent house


The glamping tent sewage composed by the bath waste water,flush toilet waste water and the kitchen waster water. Tent hotel wastewater ranked into low concentration of domestic wastewater.





UMAYWIN is the leading Modular, Integrated & Prefabricated House Expert, the leading Made in China trade company specialized in tent house, container house, wooden house, steel structure house and campsite motorhome! Since 2008, we and our partnership factory has been went through 12 years of time tracked-record, which include hard struggles, fruitful accomplishment, as well as full of laughter and tears. In 2016, we are strategic proposed a concept of “MADE IN CHINA” Dream. Under the guidance of this common goal. Principled the cornerstone policy of “quality-oriented and customer service is foremost”. Focus on customized services, continuously optimize products, work flow and enthusiastically providing instant response after-service experience to new and existing customers. Decade of efforts has made our brand gradually recognized by the society, tent industry and customers. We have gained a highly reputation in the market, not only confine to have regular domestic customers, we also broaden ambitious overseas business development and earn the solid trust of international customers, “UMAYWIN modular, integrated & Prefabricated House”” is rushing through the country and advanced toward to the world.

Our Products:
Hotel Tent
Business Conference Tent
Commercial Ceremony Tent
Beer & Food Festival Music Party Tent
Exhibition Tent
Car Show Tent
Warehousing Tent
Sports Tent
Parking Apron
Hotel Container
Restaurant & Bar Container
Studio Container
Military Container
Medical Container
Telecommunication Container
Helicopter Warehouse
Environmental Toilet
Wooden structure House
Steel Structure House
Creative House
Campsite Motor-home

Our Mission:
Based upon people-oriental and technology, creative and innovate on ourselves own.Improve core-value competition & bring the best product and full-featured service.

Our Vision:
Root in west, run China-wide spread, move toward to the global.

Our Value:
Customer service is top priority, inner craftsman-ship, Integrity based and Win-win cooperation.

Our Code:
To our client: providing best quality goods and design solution. To our partner: win-win cooperation, grow to bloom together. To our employee: learning & training, self-achievement. To our society: responsibility, charity

Our Philosophy:
Safety–Put this theory into mind deep from superior to inferior. that any accident in possibility can be prevented. Do the best effort as much as we can do to avoid its happen. Quality–take the quality as soul of enterprise, continuously pursuit for excellence. Service — Sincerity, honest, instant response, professional and effective. Management — People-oriental, creative and improve. Innovate–Innovation earn potential market, breakthrough bring the success.

Our Spirit:
Obedient / Dedicate / Responsible / Reliable / Aggressive / Innovate.

Our partnership factory found in 2006, the largest aluminum tent manufacturing and sales joint company in Western China. Specialized in producing all kinds of large, medium and small sized outdoor clear-span tent.
Over 10 years track-record glamping tent industry experience, we have been working endlessly to expand our overseas market, by the end of 2018, our products were embraced by many different countries all around the world. With exceptional designs & produce and our professional one-stop project case service, our products and after-service are recognized by wherever overseas & domestic customer.
Our manufacture site located in Chengdu City Sichuan Province, We’re dedicated to provide cost-effective & high quality outdoor event tents, clear span size is from 4m to 50m which is widely used for wedding banquet, private party, recreation club event, exhibitions, trading show, celebration ceremonies, festivals, industry storage, parking places, resort, scenic spot leisure activities etc.
Promised we will serves the mid-to-high end market, providing a level of service that makes our customers feel like royalty. It is always warmly welcome to our plant for job-site investigation, welcome to built a business-partner-ship with us.

The factory is managed and supervised in strict accordance with our standardization system. There are production, processing, warehousing and office areas. Two factory with processing & storage purposed have been constructed since 2017. The high-tech equipment is keeping been introduced according to developing stage. Division of clear labor role, regular staff training, our factory is equipped with on-duty office position to ensure full timeliness of 24-hour call to response service.

UMAYWIN is the leading Modular, Integrated & Prefabricated House Expert.


Profession R & D design team
Profession on-site construction assistance
Comprehensive after sales support & service

Structural technology R & D team:
R & D structural engineer team with many years of technical experience in patented technology and glamping tent structure. Also keeps creative design on the tent, which can provide the most suitable structural scheme for customers’ various inspiration needs. Keep up with the international market popularity, to provide customers with more innovative options.

Sichuan art institution
The design of glamping tent is headed by professors of sichuan academy of fine arts group, which including a number of top professional glamping designers. Not only for the tent hotel to bring new stylish idea, but also solution you to customize any kind of exceptional design & campsite planning.

Engineering construction team
Our in-duty network specialist with more than 5 years of technical experience will fully understand your demand & design in detail. And will answer your relatively query on professional role at once.

After-service maintenance
Provide after-service maintenance, on-site construction assistance, connection parts replacement, inventory replenishment and other service. If you have any trouble during the after sales use, we will everlasting provide you with technical support.


  • One-stop design & Technical solution
  • Hi-spec aluminum alloy structure
  • Advanced production facility
  • High industrial standard
  • Strict eye on spot-checking
  • Instant response to after-service
  • Work-in detail control


Integrity-Oriental & Customer Service is Foremost

1. Understand the project demand in detail
Sales executive with more than 5 years experience will fully catch up with your project requirement.

2.Design&plan layout and 3D display
Our deign engineer will output map layout and released 3D display plan to you for reference and approval.

3.Released quotation and project get finalized
We will send the related quotation to you for approval after 3D display get approved.

4.PO & PI signature.
Payment in deposit before production.

5.Bulk production plan, trial Installation
Plan the detailed schedule rationally. speedy working days will output
one set advance sample
to trail installation as regularly.

6.World-wide shipment & on-site construction assistance
Reliable logistic partners. 24 hours standby shipment arrangement. In case, our installation instructor will go to world-wide for set-up assistance on-site at your charge.

7.instant response after-service
We will provide solution with technical support on full timeline of 24 hours standby.




By the end of 2020, our products were embraced by Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippine and so on, 30 different countries all around the world. With exceptional designs & produce and our professional one-stop project case service. Our products and after-service are recognized by wherever overseas & domestic customers.





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