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DG01 Mobile Cabin


Mobile cabin for Emergency, widely used in communication command, and equipment maintenance inspection, rescue and life security

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Mobile cabin

Product Name DG01 Mobile Cabin Style Mobile cabin for emergency
MOQ 1 Set Usage Emergency/Hospital
Weight bearing 10 T Area 60 square meters
Size 12.192*4.876*2.896 m Place of origin China

The mobile cabin is a movable carriage body that carries special equipment and personnel and provides the required working conditions and environmental protection.

For cars, boats, helicopters loading mode of transportation, such as strong adaptability, convenient and flexible for transitions, the maneuverability is strong,

good concealment, quickly and cabin crew and bunker equipment can get effective protection, therefore widely used in communication command,

and equipment maintenance inspection, medical and rescue and life security, mobile power supply, unmanned machine room, and other military and civil field.

Core – Structure and characteristics


The standard 40-foot (40HC/HQ) high container is adopted as the basic maintenance structure.

External dimensions: 12.192*4.876*2.896, internal dimensions: 12.000*4.700*2.50.

The total weight of the equipment shall not exceed 10T.

It covers an area of about 60 square meters.

Can also use 20 feet container combination form as required.


The square cabin has absolute advantages in heat preservation, seal, sound insulation,

anti-corrosion, cleanliness, electrical performance, fire resistance, dust proof, waterproof,

anti-static ability, anti-interference ability, lightning protection, anti-theft and so on

Core-build process


Total area: > 60m recommended; The width of 5 m.

Height: 3.4-4M in total; The headroom is 2.4-2.6m and the technical interlayer is 1-1.4m.

Sample preparation room: > 15m

Buffer room:1.3*1.3/1.5m

Corridor: width > 1.5m, height > 2.2m


Wall: the inner surface is bright and clean, easy to clean and disinfect,

the gap should be sealed, there is no curtain, the structure is firm.

Ground: no cracks, no leakage, smooth, corrosion – resistant.

Negative Angle: Arc line seal

Outdoor exhaust outlet: easy to discharge at high altitude

Buffer door: should be automatically interlocked


Basic layout: changing room + buffer room +3 zones

Pressure flow: negative pressure gradient, directional flow

Relative pressure: it should be -20-30Pa, and the pressure difference

between adjacent rooms should be more than 10Pa.

Cleanliness: Level 7-8 (level 100,000)

Air: upper and lower exhaust on opposite side, one-way flow


Biosafety cabinet: a wall not adjacent to the entrance or exit

Autoclave: close to transfer window

Eye washer: Doorway

Laboratory cabinet: corrosion resistant and easy to clean

The refrigerator


Communication Settings: video conferencing system, walkie-talkie, telephone, computer

Other Settings: safety area alarm device, pressure device

Uv lamps: intensity ≥ 1.5w /m, duration of action ≥ 30min

Waste: classification, labeling, disinfection, etc

Identification: laboratory entrance identification related pathogen information, etc

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