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PC02 3m PC Dome tent


Dome tent camping,360° fully transparent design, Quick installation/easy disassembly, Flexible splicing and combination, High safety, High comfort level, High rate of return on investment.


Dome tent camping

FEATURES(Dome tent camping)

  1. 360° fully transparent design: the product does not contain any metal frame, 360° fully transparent, and will not miss any corner of the scenery.
  1. Quick installation/easy disassembly: modular splicing and assembly, a set of product installation can be completed within 2-3 hours, installation labor cost is low, construction period is short, and it can be put into operation quickly.
  1. Flexible splicing and combination: products of any specifications can be spliced in structure, and the product has a variety of combinations, which can flexibly create a living space.
  1. High safety: The product has passed the European Union CE certification, the material does not emit any toxic gas, the dome structure design, strong wind resistance, and superior impact resistance.
  1. High comfort level: The product is equipped with standard ventilation system and internal shading system to ensure indoor living comfort. Although you are outdoors, you can still enjoy the living experience of star hotels.
  1. High rate of return on investment: Compared with other forms of residence products on the market, Transparent Star has a small investment in vacant rooms and a high rate of return. It is currently the most worthy of investment in camp residence products.
Size 3m
Area 7.1sqm
Main material
anti-UV coating polycarbonate + aluminum profile
PC arc module + PC dome + aluminum profile frame + aluminum frame door
Material characteristics
flame retardant B1 grade, anti-oxidation, tasteless and odorless, impact resistance
Material characteristics flame retardancy, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, tasteless and odorless
Service life 20 years in normal environment
Installation method modular splicing + screw fixing

Factory strength

Bubble dome tent

UMAYWIN is the leading Modular, Integrated & Prefabricated House Expert, the leading Made in China trade company specialized in tent house, container house, wooden house, steel structure house and campsite motor home! Since 2006, we and our partnership factory has been went through 12 years of time tracked-record, which include hard struggles, fruitful accomplishment, as well as full of laughter and tears. In 2016, we are strategic proposed a concept of “MADE IN CHINA” Dream. Under the guidance of this common goal. Principled the cornerstone policy of “quality-oriented and customer service is foremost”. Focus on customized services, continuously optimize products, work flow and enthusiastically providing instant response after-service experience to new and existing customers. Decade of efforts has made our brand gradually recognized by the society, tent industry and customers. We have gained a highly reputation in the market, not only confine to have regular domestic customers, we also broaden ambitious overseas business development and earn the solid trust of international customers,”UMAYWIN modular, integrated & Prefabricated House” is rushing through the country and advanced toward to the world.

Q: What about your MOQ – minimum order quantity ?
A: MOQ for different products are different, please check them with us before payment.

Q: Can you develop products with our drawing?
A: Yes, please offer your drawing with technical requirements.

Q: What’s your available port of Shipment?
A: We usually export through Chengdu port, Huangpu port, Shenzhen port, Tianjing port, due to destination country.

Q: Do you Accept OEM service?

Q: What’s the Payment Terms?
A: 50% deposit, balance to be paid before shipment.


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