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S6-10 Glamping Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House


Garden house,Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House (132.73 sqm).Glass tent—the most secure. Outdoor garden house.


garden house

Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House (132.73  sqm)



Frame: ordinary waterproof window (conventional)
Glass: 6mm coated and tempered steel glass(excluding skylight)
Door frame: aluminum door frame
Lock: Mechanical door lock
Window: Conventional window accessories

Optional upgrade: Magnetic card door lock






*The glass spherical tent is high-end and beautiful

The glass dome tent product is a tent product with a spherical mesh structure. The frame is assembled from aluminum alloy and the surface is covered with tempered glass. The aluminum alloy frame has the advantages of anti-rust and anti-oxidation texture, light, durable and environmentally friendly. The glass has strong permeability, strong light transmission but can prevent ultraviolet radiation. The reflected light on the glass surface can protect indoor furniture from fading As long as new. If it is coated glass or Low-e glass, it can clearly reflect the environment of the camp. The blue sky, white clouds and green grass can be seen up and reflected on the glass surface, which is very natural and comfortable. In particular, one thing that many customers care about is that the inside cannot be seen from the outside of the glass spherical tent, which protects the privacy of the customers living inside, while the outside can be clearly seen from the inside without affecting the star viewing.
The high-end, comfortable and beautiful glass dome tent is unmatched by other types of hotel tents.


1.  Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House Successful Cases



*Glass tent—the most secure, the most secure

It is more important to consider the safety of living in an outdoor camp tent hotel, including personal safety and health safety. The frame and tempered glass of the glass tent are completely free of harmful substances and gases such as formaldehyde. The interior curtains and floors are also high-end hotel-quality homes, without any peculiar smell. Even after a long period of sun and rain, there will be no musty and peculiar smell. , Safety comes first.
Another feature of the glass dome tent is sound insulation. Even if the external sound is noisy, it is very quiet when you enter the glass ball. The moment you enter the door, you can turn your irritable mood into tranquility and give yourself a clean world. This is difficult to achieve with any other type of tent. Only the appearance of the glass spherical tent matched with the natural environment of the camp or scenic spot, coupled with its unique performance, can give customers a pleasant experience and enjoyment.


2.  Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House Interior decoration reference





3.Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House—Supporting facilities available




*The glass ball tent has a long service life and is easy to maintain

The service life of the glass dome tent is at least 15-20 years. The aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and durable. The toughened glass is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and has strong weather resistance. It is suitable for extremely cold and extremely hot areas, and the glass dome tent can be moved and disassembled many times. , Does not affect multiple use at all. The maintenance cost of the glass ball is very low. You only need to clean the surface of the glass with clean water. It is very convenient to use and hassle-free. It can be used for 15-20 years for one time.



4. Luxuri Glamping Clear Garden Glass Geodesic Dome Tent House– On-site installation picture photography




*High cost performance

From the comprehensive point of view of service life, superior performance, and post-maintenance, the glass dome tent products are very cost-effective.Chengdu Umaywin Trading Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the design and research and development of glass spherical tent products since 2015. So far, it has produced more than hundreds of glass balls. The products are sold at home and abroad and exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. Sought after by the market.




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