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SH12 6+3m dome clear room tent


Main body material: anti-UV coating polycarbonate + aluminum profile
Configuration: PC arc module + PC dome + aluminum profile frame + aluminum frame door
Material characteristics: flame retardant B1 grade, anti-oxidation, tasteless and odorless, impact resistance
Material characteristics: flame retardancy, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, tasteless and odorless
Service life: 20 years of service life under normal environment, 10-year warranty
Installation method: modular splicing + screw fixing


Dome clear room

6+3m Transparent Inflatable Bubble Hotel Dome clear room

Item Specification Basic configuration Applicable Application
Size: 6M*9M*H3.25M
Area: 35.4sqm
Weight: 900KG
PC transparent shell, installation accessories, aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy bottom base, aluminum alloy top cover base, shading system (including curtains), exhaust fan, LED light belt 3~4 double bed +
single bed (deluxe family room)

Transparent Inflatable Bubble Hotel Dome clear room

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6+3m Transparent Inflatable Bubble Hotel Dome clear room SIZE


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PC bubble star clear tent general size introduction

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Performance indicators of polycarbonate


PC star tent packaging

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About the product, you may be concerned



1.Insulation: In winter, the existing products use air conditioners, electric floor heating, and internal auxiliary heaters to adjust the indoor temperature; double-layer star rooms can be customized for thermal insulation.


2.Insulation: At present, conventional products use curtains for sunshade and air conditioning to adjust the temperature. If the budget is sufficient, you can customize the anti-infrared heat insulation type PC star room with a temperature difference of about 8 degrees.


3.Sound insulation: the sound insulation is about 26dB, enclosed semi-enclosed light rail, tunnel sound barrier material.


4.Privacy: There are electric curtains in the curved dome, and electric curtains are also used in the side circle, and the opaque ivory white PC board can be selected for the bedside part of the bedroom or the whole circle of the bathroom.


5.Strength: very high; bricks, stones, and hammers cannot be broken; police shields and aircraft windows also use this material, commonly known as “endurance boards.”


6.Fire protection: PC board is a fire-resistant material, with a level of B1 incombustibility, and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire; it has passed the inspection by the National Fireproof Building Material Inspection Center (Dujiangyan) and a test report can be provided.


7.Material: PC board (polycarbonate) + aluminum profile


8.Life expectancy: 10 years of warranty, generally there is no problem for 20 years of normal use; after 10 years, the degree of yellowing is very small, almost invisible to the naked eye.


9.Waterproof: Physically waterproof, all joints have flanged upright side water-retaining structures.


10.Installation: very simple, all screw holes are pre-made in the factory, only need to screw the screws on site, if you need on-site guidance from our installation master, the car travel expenses, boarding and lodging expenses, the customer; if necessary, we provide a full set of installation services Yes, the cost is extra.


11.Mosquitoes: There are screen windows, the bottom is aluminum alloy connected to the PC board, there are no holes, snakes and rats can not enter, nor bite; there will be no termites that may appear in wooden houses.


12.Lighting: There are LED lights around the floor, and the lights in the room are optional.


13.Transportation: wooden box packaging


14.Sewage treatment: the upper and lower water pipes are pre-photographed at the bottom of the bathroom floor, and only the pipes are connected to the septic tank on site.


15.Connect with the ground: Use expansion screws on the ground to connect with the aluminum profile at the bottom. If the ground cannot be prefabricated with cement, it can be fixed with bolts and anticorrosive wood.


16.Fresh air ventilation system: There are doors and windows, ventilating fans, air-conditioning ventilation. If conditions permit, you can choose a fresh air supply system. If the budget is sufficient, you can also choose an upgraded version of the dome opening system.


17.Ground treatment: The ground needs to be leveled by the customer in advance, and it is waterproof. For floor heating, a layer of insulation and isolation layer such as Ou Song board should be laid underneath.


18.Temperature rise and fall system: air-conditioning, electric floor heating in winter, floor heating controllers are generally placed at the head of the bed, which can be integrated control, and wifi can consider voice control and remote control.


19.Wind load and snow load: It has a spherical structure design, no drive, less snow, plus the stiffeners of the star vacancy, and some column supports, and there is no problem. It has been tested.


20.The difference between a supporting column and an unsupported column: Generally, it is recommended to have a column support. The star vacant room without a column has been tested by a level 12 typhoon, but if there is a risk of uncle falling in a forest scenic spot, the PC material is usually flexible Bounce, what if you can’t bounce? The reinforcement of the aluminum profile column has a certain effect.

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